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What to do if your iPhone won’t Charge?

The last thing you need when you’re rushing out on a busy morning is an uncharged iPhone. How do you proceed with the day? It’s impossible to stay connected to your world when you’re on the go without your smartphone these days. Here’s news to get you all charged up! As any Apple technician ...
Burlington cell phone repair

What to do if your iPhone 7 gets wet

Just because Apple now makes water-resistant phones does not mean they are 100% waterproof. All that means is now you can get your iPhone 7 a little wet without worry as much as with previous models. That means you can take it with you on fishing trips, whitewater rafting, and ...
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Why the iPhone X Should be Handled with Extra Care

The high-end iPhone X is a gorgeous model, sleek in its body, highly intelligent within. The big 5.8 inch OLED screen is a treat for the eyes. It has a rear-facing telephoto camera that helps you snap impressive pictures at interesting angles. With a Face ID and many other sophisticated ...
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