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How OLED iPhone Displays Will Impact Replacement Parts Cost

OLED screens have a higher failure rate, both before and during the refurbishment process for a few reasons, and the first is that they are thin compared to LED screens. While both styles require a pixel and a transistor layer, an LED screen is thicker because of the backlight, glass filter, diffuser and polarizer, ...
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Four Reasons For Your iPhone 7 Plus Speaker Problems

The iPhone 7 Plus may have only been released a few years ago, but that does not make it immune to flaws. As technologically advanced as the Apple device may be, some users have complained of various issues with it, including speaker output problems. From complaining of low sound quality, to concerns of their iPhone ...
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Four Signs Your Laptop Battery Is In Need Of Replacement

A faulty laptop battery is extremely frustrating, and certainly the last thing you need when you’re in the middle of a work project or simply streaming your favourite film. Unfortunately for laptop owners, these convenient technological devices don’t last forever. Often, the first component to fail on a laptop is the battery itself. It’s helpful ...
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iPhone Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi? Try These Five Tips

One of the best parts about owning a cellphone is taking it off data and connecting to free Wi-Fi. That’s why when your iPhone starts having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi and consumes your last GB of data, it may have you feeling stressed. Complaints regarding Wi-Fi can range from having no connection whatsoever ...
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