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How OLED iPhone Displays Will Impact Replacement Parts Cost

OLED screens have a higher failure rate, both before and during the refurbishment process for a few reasons, and the first is that they are thin compared to LED screens. While both styles require a pixel and a transistor layer, an LED screen is thicker because of the backlight, glass filter, diffuser and polarizer, ...
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Common iPhone 7 Problems and How to Fix Them

Bought an iPhone 7? Congratulations! There are many features that differentiate it from its predecessors; although it doesn’t look much different, so you remain comfortable operating it. The phone is enhanced with dual speakers, the LCD screen is brighter at its peak, it is much faster than the iPhone 6, there’s a fingerprint ID ...
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Why is Your iPhone Not be Charging?

The last thing you need is to reach your workplace and find your iPhone uncharged despite plugging it in overnight. It helps to know what could be wrong so you know what to do at such times. It is also a wise idea to back up your iPhone data on your iCloud or computer ...
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Why You Shouldn’t DIY iPhone Repair

You may think that it will be easy to fix your iPhone yourself, but it is never a good idea to attempt tampering with a device as complicated as an iPhone. We have compiled a list of the five top reasons why you should leave your iPhone repairs to certified technicians. Knowledge and Skills iPhone ...
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How To Protect Your iPhone From A Data Breach

No one is immune to having their cybersecurity breached, even multi-billion dollar companies! However, it is extremely important to take preventative measures to protect your privacy in this digital age. Apple’s iOS program is quite effective in safeguarding our personal data, especially when all safety measures an iPhone has to offer are activated. Protecting your ...
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