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How To Protect iPhone During Freezing Cold Temperatures

Our iPhones may be extremely advanced and function quite well in varying temperatures, however, they are not completely impervious to the bitter cold. The holidays are the perfect time to capture photographs of friends and family and film your winter activities. Unfortunately, as much fun as you may be having ...
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Why Your iPhone Battery Dies in Cold Weather?

You may think that your iPhone is protected against the harshest of winters but that is not true. Cold weather often leads to poor battery performance. It is not unlikely for your iPhone to suddenly die despite having 20% of battery life left in low-temperature areas. So why does your iPhone’s battery die in ...
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How To Enable Wi-Fi When It’s Grayed Out

Notice the Wi-Fi icon on your iPhone is grayed out? Don’t panic! Luckily, this issue is relatively common and the solutions are often free or extremely affordable. A grayed out, untapable Wi-Fi icon is mainly a complication that affects older iPhone devices; however, it can be an issue that impacts newer iPhone devices as ...
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What To Do When iPhone Screen Flickering Occurs After Update

It’s not uncommon to hear Apple users complain about their iPhone screens beginning to glitch or flick after they’ve recently updated their mobile device. Although the flickering may not trigger the same anxieties as a cracked screen, the glitching can still hinder your ability to use your iPhone comfortably and freely. If your iPhone ...
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MacBook Repair Myths Debunked

During this digital age, we rely heavily on our devices to communicate, work and essentially function. MacBooks are an especially large investment due to its sleek appearance, technological advancements and being an Apple product. When it becomes chipped, water damaged, there’s a broken screen or keyboard, it can be extremely alarming, upsetting and most of ...
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