Computer repair

When to Repair Your Computer and When to Replace It

Many of us don’t know when we should repair or replace our computers. Below, we highlight some things that you should look out for that will make the decision easier for you. When You Should Buy a New Computer If your current computer is five years or older, then you will want to think about ...
Computer Repair

How To Extend The Laptop Battery Life?

No matter what sort of device you have, if it’s electronic, the odds are that the battery of said product is a shell of what it was when you bought it. So to ensure it never dies and always stays fully charged, you should definitely keep it charged at all times… No, not actually. ...
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Why are MacBooks Hard to Repair?

A MacBook is an incredible tool that many of us have, although when damage occurs, they are often hard to repair. Dropping it or spilling liquid on a MacBook is problematic for many reasons,  and there are a few reasons why this happens to be the case, including the small, proprietary screws. These particular ...
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Four Reasons Bluetooth Isn’t Working On Your iPhone

Whether you’re using it to make calls, listen to music or your favourite podcast; having your Bluetooth work optimally is essential. Unfortunately, Bluetooth is not infallible and you may find your iPhone is having issues connecting to it completely. Most newer iPhone models no longer have the headphone jack and, ...
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How To Replace The Glass On The Back Of Your iPhone 8/8+

Before getting into the different ways you can repair the glass on the back of your iPhone, the best answer is simply to take it into Tech Genius. Apple makes it difficult to get into their hardware and if you try to do so yourself, you’ll lose your warranty and could risk further damage ...
TechGenius Phone Repair Shop

What To Know Before Taking Your Phone Into A Repair Shop

Whether it’s a minor crack on the screen, a failing battery, or complete water damage; any type of damage to your beloved cell phone can instantly make you distressed. You know you’ll likely have to take the device in for cell phone repair, however, you may be hesitant and have several questions. From how ...

How To Improve The Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery Life

It can be extremely frustrating if your Galaxy S10’s battery is dying much more quickly than ever before. The Galaxy S10 battery is supposed to give users an “all-day” battery span without dying. However, cell phones are not infallible and sometimes they may need specific, simple tweaks to improve the battery’s life span. Tech ...
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How Long Will Your iPhone Last?

Battery life. Depending on this, people will choose to get specific phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. It’s probably one of the most important things in a day and age where social media dominates the world we live in. You can access information on anyone in the world based on what you search. ...
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