Tips to Protect Your iPhone Screen From Cracking

Many manufacturers are opting for larger display screens, which are susceptible to damage and repairs. This is especially true for iPhones because they are made with screens that are so delicate that even a drop from a nominal height can cause damage, which will require you to fix the screen ...
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Three Ways To Make Use Of Your Broken iPhone

Cracking, losing or breaking an iPhone happens. When it does, don’t stress! iPhone’s are extremely durable electronic devices, however, they’re not infallible! As iPhone repairs have improved and advanced, more and more iPhones are getting restored and ready for use after damage. Unfortunately, sometimes a broken iPhone is a sign it’s time to replace it ...

Common Galaxy S8 Problems And How To Fix Them

The Galaxy S8 is a very popular smartphone although just like any other tech device, it may present a few problems and you may experience technical hitches here and there. Certain problems are quite common when it comes to the Galaxy S8 device specifically, so here are a few issues ...
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Three Reasons For Exploding Smartphone Batteries and How To Prevent It

It isn’t a hoax, smartphone batteries can, in fact, explode! Our trusted devices are something we rely on daily to communicate, work, and browse. As durable as smartphones are, lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable and efficient, but also have the potential to be explosive. Although exploding batteries are unlikely, the occurrence is not impossible. It’s important ...
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Four Common Reasons For Your Laptop Freezing

It may feel as if your laptop only freezes during times you need it the most. Whether you’re working on a school project, conversing with coworkers or even watching a film, when your laptop freezes, overwhelming stress and concern regarding the cost of repair or whether it can even be ...

Can Your iPhone Survive A Night In The Snow?

The answer is yes. However, it is probably not what you want to do to your iPhone as it can result in a number of issues. As the temperature drops, so does the usability of your phone. Low temperatures impact the lithium battery in your iPhone negatively, causing your phone ...
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