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5 Mistakes People Make When Repairing Cellular Devices

There are a number of mistakes that other phone repair technicians make regularly. Below, we list six mistakes we see people complain about when they took their device to another technician. If you notice any of the below mistakes on your device after getting it back from a third-party repair store, bring it into Tech Genius for a proper and professional repair!

  1. Not Replacing All Of The Screws

When dismantling a mobile phone that is made up of hundreds of small pieces, it is very easy to lose track of them. Because those pieces are not kept track of, some technicians may forget and re-assemble the phone without them. This will cause more problems for the phone user later on and will require them to have more repairs.

2. Not Asking The Customer About The Issues They Are Experiencing And The History Of The Device

When a customer brings in their phone for repairs, some technicians will skip over asking about the reason they are coming in or the cause for the fault in their device. The technicians at Tech Genius will always ask you about the device so we can quickly diagnose the issue and take the necessary steps to successfully get it to work again.

3. Not Completing The Repairs In The Estimated Time

When customers drop off their phone, they expect that the repair will be completed in the estimated time. When giving an estimate, we take into consideration the potential for new problems to arise, and give each client an achievable time frame. If a delay does occur, we make sure that you are immediately contacted to let you know about the issue that arose and provide you with a new timeline for completion.

4. Not Following Safety Rules

Following safety rules for repairing should always be followed in order to protect the technician and the device.

5. Not Repairing The Device In A Professional Manner

Shoddy work is not good for anyone. Every repair we do is carried out in a professional manner to ensure that we maintain our high customer satisfaction.

For all of your phone repair needs, contact Tech Genius. Whether it is a cracked screen or internal damage, we can help! Our team of qualified and experienced technicians will have your phone up and running in no time.

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