Benefits of Having a Screen Protector Installed on Your Smartphone

If you just got a new smartphone, chances are, you do not want its display to crack anytime soon or at any point ever. Our phones act as mini-computers that fit in the palms of our hands, making them expensive investments. Because we carry them around with us everywhere, the odds of damaging our smartphones are relatively high. Fitting your device with a high-quality screen protector is an excellent way to keep your device in pristine condition for longer, no matter where you take it.


Screen protectors years ago used to be susceptible to clouding, yellowing and unresponsive touch inputs. Today, many screen protectors have a 99.9% transparency rate while also being incredibly durable. You can enjoy the full vibrancy of your screen without worrying about damaging it.

Full Coverage

Made to be long-lasting, durable and scratch-resistant, screen protectors stay with your phone for the entirety of its life. It adheres tightly to your device making for complete coverage. Screen protectors are designed to have cut-outs for your phone’s microphone hole and speaker grills. A chemical spray helps the screen stick to the device without leaving unwanted residue. It is so strong that your phone can withstand a drop on the pavement without shattering cracking its screen.

Different Types

Aside from protecting your screen, you can also get screen coverings for other reasons as well. There are privacy protectors available that help conceal data on your screen by darkening or blurring the view from side angles. That way you do not have to worry about peepers looking at your phone while you type in your password or enter your credit card details. You can also improve the aesthetics of your phone by using it a protector that doubles as a mirror when your screen goes dark.

Fit For All

There is a tempered glass screen protector for every brand and model of smartphone out there. More choice means less worry with cost-effective screen protectors that do not skimp on fit or quality. No matter how old or new your phone is, you are sure to find a screen protector that fits it.

Professional Installation

At Tech Genius, we offer professional screen protector fitting services so that you do not have to worry about sticking yours on your phone correctly. You can feel assured that your screen protector will be placed precisely on your phone without having to risk damaging the protector or your phone screen. Stop in for peace of mind by better protecting your phone.

We also offer cell phone repair and iPad repair services at our Burlington store. Call us or come in if you are having trouble with any of your devices.

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