How To Fix A Macbook Pro With Sound Issues

Whether you’re looking to kick back and watch a film, listen to music or chat with friends over Facetime, you need the sound on your Macbook Pro to be working optimally. When the sound stops working entirely, you may feel frustrated and worried about the cost of repairs. Fortunately, there ...
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When to Repair Your Computer and When to Replace It

Many of us don’t know when we should repair or replace our computers. Below, we highlight some things that you should look out for that will make the decision easier for you. When You Should Buy a New Computer If your current computer is five years or older, then you will want to think about ...
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Why are MacBooks Hard to Repair?

A MacBook is an incredible tool that many of us have, although when damage occurs, they are often hard to repair. Dropping it or spilling liquid on a MacBook is problematic for many reasons,  and there are a few reasons why this happens to be the case, including the small, proprietary screws. These particular ...
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MacBook Repair Myths Debunked

During this digital age, we rely heavily on our devices to communicate, work and essentially function. MacBooks are an especially large investment due to its sleek appearance, technological advancements and being an Apple product. When it becomes chipped, water damaged, there’s a broken screen or keyboard, it can be extremely alarming, upsetting and most of ...
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