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What Makes iPhone Repair Complicated?

If you are on Youtube often, then you have probably come across a how-to video on how to repair an iPhone. The content creators making these videos make it seem as though it is easy to switch out a motherboard or replace a battery. They always talk about how much ...
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Three Common iPhone 8 Issues and How To Fix Them

The iPhone 8 is one of the best versions of the iPhone based on durability, processing capabilities and a good battery life. However, with any smartphone device, there will be some issues in spite of their effectiveness. Many of the problems have to do with iOS updates, connectivity, the Touch ...
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What To Consider Before Buying A Used iPhone In 2020

It’s no secret that Apple iPhones are expensive investments, which is why many people use cheaper alternative ways to buy one. Used iPhones can save you money, but there’s always a risk associated with the process. There are certain factors to consider and look out for to ensure you’re getting ...

Three Ways To Fix An iPhone That Won’t Update

Apple frequently puts out iOS updates for the iPhone and other Apple devices. Whether to add new features to the iPhone internals or fix bugs and other security issues, installing an iPhone update is necessary to keep your iPhone’s use optimal and up-to-date. What happens if you’re unable to update ...

Broken iPhone Camera: When To Repair or Sell

One of the most favoured features on the iPhone is its high-quality camera. That’s why when it cracks, becomes scratched or malfunctions completely, it can leave iPhone owners feeling worried that their beloved device has become unusable. Sometimes, it’s easier to identify whether the iPhone issue is caused by a hardware ...
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Why an iPhone 7 Speaker Is Failing and How To Fix It

iPhone 7 was the first Apple iPhone to replace the separate headphone jack entirely and merge the headphone/lightning port in the same location at the bottom of the device. This was done in an attempt to make the iPhone more visually appealing, however, many iPhone 7 users preferred the convenience ...

Tips to Protect Your iPhone Screen From Cracking

Many manufacturers are opting for larger display screens, which are susceptible to damage and repairs. This is especially true for iPhones because they are made with screens that are so delicate that even a drop from a nominal height can cause damage, which will require you to fix the screen ...
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