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Common iPhone 7 Problems and How to Fix Them

Bought an iPhone 7? Congratulations! There are many features that differentiate it from its predecessors; although it doesn’t look much different, so you remain comfortable operating it. The phone is enhanced with dual speakers, the LCD screen is brighter at its peak, it is much faster than the iPhone 6, there’s a fingerprint ID sensor like in the iPhone 6 version, and the camera is more colour accurate in sunny and low-light conditions. There’s an earpiece speaker that allows loud stereo sound externally for the first time. Best of all, the device is water-resistant. It can survive underwater for as long as 30 minutes.

However, reviews say that users have run into a few issues. Here’s what to watch out for and how to rectify them.

iPhone 7 Troubleshooting Tips

Software Bugs: Some app malfunctions seem to be caused by software bugs or miscommunication between devices. Restarting your phone can often resuscitate it back to health. Make sure you update to the current iOS. Taking it back to the factory to get it reset will make you lose all your valuable data. Rebooting usually does the trick. If it still doesn’t work, take it to a certified technician.

Overheating: It’s a big mistake to leave your iPhone out in the hot sun for long hours. That can overheat the delicate software and affect the apps. In the case of overheating, remove the case for a few days to cool it down. If an app or two has crashed, delete them and reinstall. Overheating is also caused when your iPhone is searching for a signal. Turn on the airplane mode or turn off the Wi-Fi to see if it makes a difference. Always use an Apple authorized phone charger and not a cheap, fake one or your device can overheat.

Camera Malfunction: There could be software issues or physical obstructions if you find the screen black when opening the camera app. Bring your phone out of the case to rule out any components blocking the lens. It should work again. If the view is blurry through the lens, clean it gently with a microfibre cloth. Then close the camera app and turn it on again.

Malfunctioning Microphone: There are four powerful microphones in your iPhone 7, two at the bottom, one near the headphones and one beside the speaker grill. Check for obstructions and remove them if any. Gently wipe the microphone with a soft cloth to remove any dust that can cause the sound to be unclear. Disable Bluetooth devices, then test the microphone. Update apps if the microphone is not working on specific apps. Make sure the app allows access to the microphone. Check the settings > privacy > microphone to do so.

Bluetooth Not Working: If the Bluetooth device is not recognized, turn it off and back on to restart. Use the Bluetooth device closer to the phone. Make sure it is not connected at another source or the sound can get disrupted. Restart the device to see if it is functioning again. If not, delete it and reinstall or take it to your technician.

Tech Genius for iPhone Repairs – Burlington

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