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Cracked iPhone Screen? Here Are Five Potential Causes For The Damage

Whether you just purchased your brand new iPhone or have had one for years, a cracked display screen is the worst! The front and back of most iPhones have glass covering the display screen, and although the glass is supposed to be durable, it can crack quite easily. It may be difficult to completely prevent your iPhone’s phone screen from becoming cracked, but by being aware of what can cause the damage, you can be more cautious.

Tech Genius has comprised a list of the five most common causes for cracked iPhone screens:

Dropping It On Any Floor/Ground

This goes without saying that dropping your iPhone on the ground can result in either significant, minor or no damage whatsoever. If you accidentally drop your device on the ground, you may notice several cracks or a large crack that takes up all of the display screen. The damage can lead to further problems with the electrical components throughout the iPhone.

Cracking From Hot or Cold Temperatures

Extreme heat or cold temperatures can cause the glass screen to be far more vulnerable to breaking. Thermal fracturing occurs when your iPhone is exposed to severely hot or cold temperatures very quickly. Avoid having your device in direct sunlight or exposed to negative temperatures.

Accidentally Ran Over It

Yes, this is possible! If you’re in a hurry to get to your vehicle and left your iPhone on the car’s roof, you may not even notice because you’re in a rush. Then, as you’re pulling away, the smartphone falls off and cracks from hitting the ground or gets run over by your vehicle. When you get inside your car, double check to ensure your iPhone is with you before driving off!

Battery Is Swelling

iPhone cracking isn’t exclusive to the glass screen itself and can also occur underneath the glass. The battery can swell, which causes the casing of the phone to open and the front screen to detach, bend and crack the glass underneath. This can be a manufacturer’s defect, and it’s crucial for you to take it into Tech Genius for immediate repair to prevent further stress of the battery.

Sitting Right On It

All too often, an individual forgets that they left their phone in their back pocket and sit right on it. That doesn’t guarantee that the screen will crack, however, the glass is not durable enough to protect against the weight of a person. If your device does not have a case on it, it is far more likely to crack and even bend from the weight.

Fortunately, when your iPhone screen is cracked, it does not have to stay that way! At Tech Genius, we offer an efficient, prompt and optimal iPhone screen repair service in Hamilton. Your device will be restored and ready to use in no time! Our professional and highly trained technicians will match any local competitor’s repair and the quickest turnaround. Bring your phone to our iPhone service centre today!

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