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Find out your Options for iPhone 8 Back Glass Repair

Your iPhone 8 is a precious possession. It is water-resistant, has an advanced camera and a chip processor that outperforms most other smartphone technology. But for some unfortunate reason, if the phone drops or hits a hard surface and the fragile back glass cracks, all the advanced components are meaningless.

The back of your iPhone 8 is entirely made of glass. If it cracks, water, debris, even tiny dust particles can easily get in, damaging the delicate components inside. Many users ignore slight cracks to avoid additional costs, but this has its own dangers. The crack can widen and splinter in your hands, causing cuts and wounds on your fingers.

A badly cracked iPhone 8 is dangerous to operate, especially when you are in a hurry. It’s hard to get a good grip on it as well. So it’s prone to falling out of your hands and getting further damaged. It’s better to repair a cracked back glass at once before your phone is ruined for good but beware of cheap service providers. Improper repairs or replacement with cheap, substandard parts can damage your iPhone in no time. The advanced OLED display is especially expensive to repair. The back glass can be removed, but it’s hard to put it back together.

Here are your options for proper iPhone 8 back glass repair.

DIY Repair Options

While DIY sounds like a smart idea to avoid costs, it may not be reliable in the long run. DIY iPhone back glass repair could lead to further complications. The components inside or the camera can malfunction, the glass may not hold up well, and smaller cracks can persist so water seepage continues to be a problem.

Professional iPhone Repair Services

Professional and reliable iPhone repair companies offer top repair services at reasonable costs. But before you head off to look for the right outlet, tape up the cracked screen glass with clear packing tape so it doesn’t cut your hands.

If the damage is minor and it’s within your warranty period, licensed Apple dealers may be able to replace the back glass but it’s bound to be quite costly. It may take several days or weeks to get your phone back. If there are other damages such as a dent or damaged frame, repair costs will be considerably high. Not everyone has a licensed Apple dealer located close to their home either.

Tech Genius: Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton

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