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How OLED iPhone Displays Will Impact Replacement Parts Cost

OLED screens have a higher failure rate, both before and during the refurbishment process for a few reasons, and the first is that they are thin compared to LED screens. While both styles require a pixel and a transistor layer, an LED screen is thicker because of the backlight, glass filter, diffuser and polarizer, all of which provide extra layers and more protection. These additional layers are not present on iPhones with an OLED screen, resulting in a screen that is thinner, making it more prone to irreparable damage or damage that is very difficult to repair. OLED screens are also more likely to burn, which reduces the number of screens that can be returned and used as refurbished because their condition simply would not allow it.

Simply put, these are just two of the reasons why OLED screens will decrease the availability of replacement parts that can be produced. Once they experience an issue, it is more difficult to make use of their parts even once they’ve been refurbished, meaning repair stores may not be able to keep up with repairs because they will not have as many parts as there is demand. This means long wait times and an increase in repair fees and replacement part prices. You may even have to visit several different suppliers to find the part you need because availability will be an issue, making the process a lot more difficult and challenging. Once you do find the part you need, you’ll face very expensive pricing and it is not likely that you’ll see a drop in the price for a very long time.

This is very different from LED screens whose prices start high whenever a new model is released but that fee quickly decreases once refurbished screens begin to make their way onto the market. This is how it normally works but OLED screen prices will remain high, even as new models start to appear.

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