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How To Check The Condition Of Your iPhone’s Battery and Know When To Replace It

Think it may be time to replace your iPhone’s battery? Unfortunately, your phone’s battery does not last forever. An iPhone battery will eventually start to lose its ability to charge at all or charge the phone properly above a certain percent. Rechargeable phone batteries become less efficient over time as they are continuously used.

iOS on an iPhone does not indicate when the phone battery is dying, however, you can check its health on iOs. There are also other physical signs to indicate the battery needs to be replaced. Here are some ways to check your iPhone battery’s condition and know when it’s in need of replacement:

Check the Battery Health on iOS

On the iPhone, locate the Settings app on the phone, then find the category for “Battery.” The Battery section will have an option to select “Battery Health,” which you can click to find out more about the battery’s “Maximum Capacity” and “Peak Performance Capability.” If a battery’s maximum capacity is at or near 100%, that indicates that it is operating perfectly fine. This is usually applicable to newer iPhone’s that have not been used much, if at all.

“Maximum Capacity”

The “Maximum Capacity” will diminish over time after being used, but this is normal. Although some Apple Store professionals recommend replacing the battery when it reaches an 80% Maximum Capacity, some wait until the Performance Management gets enabled.

“Peak Performance Capability”

The “Peak Performance Capability” section is also under “Battery Health.” Under it, if the battery is doing well, it should state “your battery is currently supporting normal peak performance.” However, if there are problems with the battery, it will be indicated under this section often stating “Performance Management is on” which means the device is rebooting due to a problem with the battery. If you see a message that states “can’t check battery health” that indicates that the battery will most likely need to be replaced and taken into a professional immediately.

The Battery Bulges

If the battery in your iPhone bulges or swells, it’s a sign that the battery is damaged and in need of replacement. The internal chemical cells that keep the battery running have broken down and output gas. The battery casing is meant to contain the gas, but when there is too much, it expands and bulges.

The signs of the swelling can be obvious from a separation between the screen and the phone’s body itself or a white haziness appears on the display. When the battery reaches this state, it’s dangerous and susceptible to catching fire, therefore needs to be taken to professionals right away.

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