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How To Enable Wi-Fi When It’s Grayed Out

Notice the Wi-Fi icon on your iPhone is grayed out? Don’t panic! Luckily, this issue is relatively common and the solutions are often free or extremely affordable. A grayed out, untapable Wi-Fi icon is mainly a complication that affects older iPhone devices; however, it can be an issue that impacts newer iPhone devices as well.

To enable Wi-Fi and get back to enjoying your device without the fear of going over your date, check out the five solutions below.

1. Ensure The Airplane Mode Is Turned Off

It may seem nonsensical, but often the reason for your Wi-Fi being grayed out is because airplane mode has been turned on. Airplane mode completely disables both the Wi-Fi settings and cellular data to allow you to use your device on the plane. To check if airplane mode has been turned on, open the Control Centre by swiping up on the screen. The control centre will show you several icons, including the airplane icon, which will be lit up in orange if it is on. Click the icon to turn it off then try to tap the Wi-Fi icon to see if it’s restored.

2. Update The iOS Software

Software updates can be irritating, however, updates are intended to restore and resolve specific bugs in the iPhone internals to allow easier use of the device. The newer version of an iOS update may be able to restore the Wi-Fi issue. To upgrade your iOS Software, go into your Settings, then to General and select the Software Update. If there is an available update, install it and follow instructions. Once the device has turned back on, attempt to turn the Wi-Fi icon on to see if it is working.

3. Reset The Network Settings

If updating the iOS software did not restore the Wi-Fi settings, it may be time to rest the network settings completely. The Wi-Fi and cellular settings may be causing interference with the connectivity. Before you reset the network settings, ensure you back-up your information to the cloud to keep it stored and saved. Then, proceed with the following instructions:

  • Open the Settings app, go into General and locate Reset at the bottom of the page.
  • Once in Reset, locate Reset Network Settings and tap it.
  • You will have to insert your password and then the reset will ensue.

4. Bring Your iPhone Into An iPhone Service Centre

If your attempts to restore the Wi-Fi settings have been unsuccessful, the root cause of the issue may lie elsewhere. The iPhone repair professionals at Tech Genius will run the diagnostics on your device to determine the issues, restore it and have it delivered back to you in no time.

Tech Genius iPhone service centre in Burlington is run by a team of expert technicians who have the experience and expertise to restore your device efficiently and effectively. We offer to pick up and delivery to restore your device without you having to leave your home or office!

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