How To Fix A Macbook Pro With Sound Issues

Whether you’re looking to kick back and watch a film, listen to music or chat with friends over Facetime, you need the sound on your Macbook Pro to be working optimally. When the sound stops working entirely, you may feel frustrated and worried about the cost of repairs. Fortunately, there are a number of easily fixable solutions and explanations for a lack of sound that you can fix on your own.

Read on to discover a few ways to fix the sound problem on your Macbook Pro and enjoy your Apple device again.

1. Check On The Volume

This tip may seem glaringly obvious; however, it isn’t always the first thing Macbook Pro owners check when their volume is failing. If the volume is muted or at a very low setting, this could easily be the cause of a lack of sound. Try pressing the F12 key on the keyboard to turn up the volume. Ensure that the Macbook Pro volume is not muted in the first place and if you have the laptop connected to a speaker or Bluetooth sound, verify that the sound is up on these connected devices. 

2. Inspect Your Apps

If you’re attempting to listen to music on an app or watch a film, the app itself may be the culprit for the lack of sound. For example, you may be trying to watch a clip on Safari and hear no sound. It may be that the clip itself is muted or the website is not working properly. To determine whether this is the problem, try going into a different app on the Macbook Pro and play the sound. If it is working, it is likely a glitchy website or video that was causing the lack of sound.

3. Update Your Macbook Pro

If you’ve tried the previous two tips to no avail, it’s time to look into the macOS updates to determine whether your Macbook Pro has been updated to the latest software update version. Go into the Apple menu on your Macbook Pro and locate “About This Mac.” In that tab, you’ll find information about the macOS version that is currently installed on your laptop. If your Macbook Pro does not have the current macOS version installed, try going into the App Store and clicking on the right-hand sidebar on the window. Then, be sure to install and update the Macbook Pro to the latest macOS version.

4. Check The Sound Settings

If the sound is still not working, try going into the sound settings on your Macbook Pro. To do so, try the following:

  • Click on the Apple menu and go into System Preferences.
  • Select Sound Pane and click on the Output tab.
  • In the Output tab, select Internal Speakers or Apple Support.
  • A volume slider will appear in the tab. If the volume slider is on the lower volume end, slide it to the right to increase the volume and then check on the sound.

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