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How to repair the back glass on your iPhone?

The release of the iPhone 8 and all its successors since 2017, signs the return of the glass back that had been abandoned by Apple after the iPhone 4S in favor of an aluminum chassis.
This return is explained for two reasons; An aesthetic reason but also and above all in order to install the wireless charging by induction that equips all models from the 8 range to the 11 range.

100% increased risk of breakage

Glass means broken glass! Contrary to the hard aluminum chassis, the glass rear window is much more fragile and the risk of breakage is very high in case of a fall. We remember the rear glass of the iPhone 4S systematically broken when the iPhone fell.

A very firmly glued glass!

The back glass of the iPhone is very well stuck to its frame. It is totally impossible to remove it without breaking it! A powerful and siliconized glue is used to hold the glass and to maintain the waterproofness of the chassis. Even broken, the glass remains very difficult to remove without the proper equipment and a lot of time spent.

How to replace the rear window on iPhone ?

There are several solutions to replace the back glass on iPhone. Some more expensive than others but accessible anywhere.

At Apple: The first and most expensive is the replacement of the device. Apple doesn’t offer any repair of the back glass itself. In the Apple Store, in case of a broken back glass, only the replacement of the device is proposed from 378€ for an iPhone 8 and 471€ for an iPhone X. This is neither ecological nor economical.

With a non-approved repairer: Most repairers will propose to replace the complete chassis directly with a compatible or original reconditioned chassis. This intervention requires to disassemble the whole iPhone (motherboard, battery, battery cover, camera, etc.), takes a lot of time (about 3 hours) and increases the risk of a bad manipulation and of damaging vital components like the motherboard while cancelling the manufacturer warranty. Moreover, the compatible chassis are generally not of very good quality and make the repair complex.

At Techgenius: We only replace the back glass of the iPhone using laser technology. Our services are equipped with the latest tools to facilitate the repair and save time while providing a quality service. The laser machine is safe and does not require any disassembly of the iPhone. There is no risk of damaging any internal component. We use the same quality of glass as the original and we use a powerful glue and siliconized to stick the glass as the original while maintaining the waterproofness of it. The time of the intervention is 1 hour including drying time.

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