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MacBook Repair Myths Debunked

During this digital age, we rely heavily on our devices to communicate, work and essentially function. MacBooks are an especially large investment due to its sleek appearance, technological advancements and being an Apple product. When it becomes chipped, water damaged, there’s a broken screen or keyboard, it can be extremely alarming, upsetting and most of all – stressful! Your mind may jump to all of the repair myths you’ve heard and be second-guessing bringing your MacBook into a computer repair shop.

Choose to repair over replace! Here are Tech Genius’s MacBook repair myths debunked:

Myth #1: Repair Time Is Lengthy

One of the most common MacBook repair myths is that the repair time is of great length. This is largely due to the misconception that MacBook repair is extremely complicated and can only be handled by Apple repair technicians. However, Tech Genius technicians understand the power and advanced internals of this computer and provide efficient, effective and high-quality repairs using only the best parts. Using only the latest equipment by our expert technicians, your MacBook can be repaired in as little as two to three days and delivered right back to your doorstep before you even have time to miss it.

Myth #2: Only Apple Is Qualified For Repairs

There is a common belief that only Apple can provide high-quality repairs. This is simply untrue and often Apple repairs are highly expensive, you may be out of your warranty or they will urge you to replace your laptop altogether. Tech Genius has a team of expert computer repair technicians who have enjoyed great success at repairing every and all Apple products effectively with overwhelming satisfaction by our customers. We have acquired the latest and most advanced technological equipment to provide only the best and most complicated repairs on MacBooks. Our experts are capable of tackling and restoring MacBook issues effectively and safely, at a far more affordable cost.

Myth #3: It Is Highly Expensive

Many MacBook owners believe it may be easier and less expensive to replace instead of repairing their laptops. This is a myth, as the cost of repair is significantly less than the nearly $1,000 cost of a new MacBook laptop. Based on the specific issue, the charge of repair can often even be under $100, and regardless of how complicated the MacBook problem is, you will certainly not be required to pay up to $1,000 for your MacBook repair at Tech Genius. We are committed to providing reliable, fast but safe computer repairs to ensure your MacBook is restored, reliable and lasts for an extended period of time for your use.

Tech Genius offers high-quality computer repair in Burlington at the hands of our most advanced, expert technicians. Our professionals are efficient, effective and our services are always affordable. From hardware repairs, software troubleshooting, hardware upgrades, software upgrades and data recovery – we do it all! For impeccable repairs and service, check out our full-service options at https://techgenius.ca/repair-services/!

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