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Fast and easy Microsoft Surface Repair in Burlington and beyond.

We can repair your Microsoft Surface Pro tablets and laptops. Any failure or malfunction whether it’s software or hardware repair we can do it all. Not only that we also are expert in repairing gaming consoles like Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, Nintendo Switch and much more: changing a screen, a glass, an on/off button, replacing a shell, a joystick.
But also for home consoles, the flash to read your backups, the installation of a chip, the repair of the 3 red leds, the replacement of the optical block, or the change of the DVD player.
If you don’t know where your problem comes from, you can come and meet us directly in our store, we will give you a free estimate that doesn’t commit you to anything.

Very quick turnaround time and prices are very competitive.
All our repairs are guaranteed and reliable, and a team of technicians will welcome you and advise you in the optimization of the use of your Microsoft Surface Pro.
We also have in our store a whole range of accessories for your Surface Pro: custom shell, cable, plug….

Get in touch with us over the phone or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible, please contact us at (905) 333 3345 | (289) 455 5556.

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