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Signs That Tell You Whether It’s Time To Replace or Repair Your Computer

Unfortunately, our computers don’t live forever! Luckily, when they aren’t functioning optimally anymore, there’s a chance you’ll be able to restore it. For computers that have met their wit’s end, it’s often the time for a replacement. However, it can be difficult to determine which process to take – replacement or repair. Before shelling out your savings for a new computer or putting all of your hope into its restoration, it’s important to understand what signs to look for to determine which action you’ll need to take.

Tech Genius has your answers on what scenarios indicate your computer may need repairs and what scenarios warrant a replacement below.

Signs It’s Time To Repair

Your computer may experience certain issues that can be repaired by a computer repair technician. The following scenarios include:

1. Software and Hardware Issues

If your computer is experiencing software issues, it’s best to take it into Tech Genius for hardware repair or software upgrades. Our computer repair technicians in Burlington will troubleshoot your device or uninstall and reinstall certain programs to try and resolve the software issue. If this process is ineffective, we’ll try the operating system to determine if it is the cause. If your computer has had a disk, battery or RAM failure, these can often be repaired with a hardware upgrade or hardware repair.

2. Viruses/Malware

If your computer has fallen victim to a cyber hack or is contaminated with viruses, it’s important to have it repaired immediately. In many instances, viruses or malware that is on a computer device can be effectively wiped out by our experts and we can provide a full restoration of the system. Reformatting the hard drive of the computer can have it working optimally again. Before these virus issues occur, it’s imperative to have a virus protection system installed by our experts to ensure you avoid these problems.

Signs It’s Time To Replace

1. Significant Physical Damage

If your computer has become severely damaged, it’s time to have it replaced. It may not be practical to use and require far too many repairs. This also applies to specific parts in the computer, including the motherboard or the screen of the computer, which can be extremely expensive to repair. Instead, it’s worth investing in a new laptop.

2. The Computer Is More Than 5 Years Old

After five years, a computer’s warranty is most likely up and may be more difficult to repair. It’s more practical to invest in a new computer that operates more quickly and effectively. It is often more expensive to invest in repairing an older computer than opting to upgrade.

Tech Genius is your computer repair store in Burlington for convenient, effective and affordable repairs. We offer repair services on a variety of technological devices and our experts can even pick up, repair and deliver your device right to your door when it’s restored. Check out our full-service repairs at https://techgenius.ca/repair-services/!

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