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Apple has recently added a new feature to their new phones, which is full glass back body design. While this new feature is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, it is quite fragile and can break easily when dropped. The new glass backs are more susceptible to damage than plastic or aluminum backs, which are more likely to chip rather than break. 

The new iPhone feature is not only vulnerable to cracks and chips, but it can also make regular tasks like calling, sending messages, and scrolling through your social media apps more difficult. Even the most basic task of holding your phone can be dangerous and leave you with small cuts if you have an unnoticed crack. In addition, glass backs are more accident prone due to their slipperiness. They can easily slip out of your hand, or even slide off flat surfaces. Everyone hates the feeling of dropping their phone, but that feeling of fear is magnified when you have a glass iPhone.

You Should Know This Before Getting A New iPhone

After dropping your iPhone, you feel like that’s the end of it all, and that you need to buy a new phone. The good news is that is not the case, and at Tech Genius, we are here for you! Brining your iPhone is for repair will be exponentially cheaper than purchasing a new iPhone. We prioritize safety, value your time, and understand the importance of having a safe device to use for your day-to-day tasks. We offer fast, reliable, and affordable solutions for your convenience. 

How Have We Perfected The iPhone Back Glass Repair?

At Tech Genius, we make it our number one priority to familiarize ourselves with new technological advancements in order to adequately service our clients. We have worked tirelessly to come up with a solution to repairing broken back glass. If you take your shattered back glass into the Apple Store, they will most likely try to sell you a new or refurbished phone instead of fixing the one you already have. At Tech genius, we will be able to fix your iPhone and get it back to pristine condition. 

We are able to repair your iPhone back glass regardless of how bad the crack or shatter is at an affordable price. Other third party repair shops can be time-consuming, difficult to deal with, and may not even offer glass back repairs

If you are dealing with a broken iPhone glass back, there is no better place to take your iPhone to than Tech Genius. Our name says it all, we are experts in our services and are able to offer you long-term solutions. Contact us today. 

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