Three Ways To Fix An iPhone That Won’t Update

Apple frequently puts out iOS updates for the iPhone and other Apple devices. Whether to add new features to the iPhone internals or fix bugs and other security issues, installing an iPhone update is necessary to keep your iPhone’s use optimal and up-to-date. What happens if you’re unable to update your iPhone? Unfortunately, this is an issue that some iPhone owners face.

However, there are fairly common reasons for your iPhone being unable to update, which are quite easy to solve. Read on to discover the three ways to fix an iPhone that is unable to update.

1. iPhone Is Not Compatible With The Latest iOS Update

Unfortunately, some of the older Apple devices are unable to have the latest iOS software update because the phone is not compatible with it. To ensure this is the case with your device, go onto the Apple website and locate the list of iPhones that are compatible with the most current update. For example, the iOS 13 update, which is the latest iPhone iOs update, is only compatible with iPhone 6S and up. If your model does not make the list, it is likely that you do not have access to the update. However, if your iPhone is listed as a compatible model, there may be another root cause for the issue.

2. Not Enough Space On iPhone

In between all the texts, photos and games on your iPhone, the device may not have sufficient room for a new iOS update. There’s a chance you could make room on the iPhone by deleting SMS messages, photos and apps you do not use. However, if you cannot or do not want to delete apps, you can try installing the update via iTunes. To do this, try the following:

  • Go into the iTunes app on your computer and connect your iPhone into your computer using the lighting cable.
  • Once your iPhone is connected to the computer, click on the Apple iPhone icon on the upper left corner of the iTunes screen.
  • Select “Summary” and click on “Check for Update.”
  • If there is an available update, click “Download and Update” and the update should begin on the iPhone.

3. Error Message On Update

You may see an available update on the page, but when you click it to download and install, an “error” message appears. The most common error message that pops up is “Unable to Check for Update” or “Unable to Verify Update.” The cause of these error messages is often related to a connection issue that happens during the update or a problem with the Apple server. If this occurs try the following:

  • Verify that you have reliable Wi-Fi access and a fully charged battery during the update. If you are not connected, find a trusted Wi-Fi source and connect to it.
  • Click on “Try Again” and wait to see if the update runs. If not, try restarting your iPhone and repeating the process over.

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