Tips to Protect Your Android Screen

While Android touch screens are made to be resistant to scratches, it doesn’t hurt to take some precautions to ensure that they are fully protected. If you have an Android and want to know how you can protect your screen, you are in the right place. Below, we give some of our best kept secrets to ensure that your device remains scratch-proof.

Think About The Medium You Use

You should always mind the medium that you use to manipulate the screen. You should only be using your fingers or a stylus. While some devices will not be impacted by the use of other objects like pens/pencils, most Android screens should not be used with other objects.

Try Not To “Tap” the Screen

Many people, when they notice that their androids are not responding to their commands, their first instinct is to tap the screen. This is an outdated and ineffective approach to get your device to work again. The best way to get your phone to work again is to visit a repair specialist.

Don’t Expose Your Phone To Excessive Sunlight

Having your phone outside will not negatively impact it in an instant. However, prolonged exposure may damage the sensitivity of the screen.

Steady Operation Is Crucial

You shouldn’t leave your phone idle for long periods of time. When your phone stays idle, the device may become subject to internal burn-in. If you know you will be busy and won’t have time to regularly check your phone, you may want to consider adding a lock-screen time that will turn the screen off after a pre-set time of idleness.

Clean Your Screen Carefully

When cleaning your screen, you should never use detergent. Most Android screens are not compatible with everyday soap cleaning solutions. To safely clean your screen, you should use a microfiber cloth. If you do need to use a solution, make that you are using one that is made for cleaning smartphone screens.

Get A Screen Protector

The best way to protect your Android screen is to have a screen protector. A screen protector is a fraction of the price that you would spend fixing your android screen. Screen protectors are available in a number of materials, but the best one for resisting scratches are tempered glass protectors.

Phone Covers

A good phone cover will protect both sides of our phone. The most popular phone covers are flip covers and offer the ultimate protection for Androids.

For all of your Android repair needs, come into Tech Genius. Whether it is external scratches or an internal hardware/software issue, our team of qualified and knowledgeable experts will be able to diagnose the issue quickly and give you the solution that you are looking for. 

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