Tips to Protect Your iPhone Screen From Cracking

Many manufacturers are opting for larger display screens, which are susceptible to damage and repairs. This is especially true for iPhones because they are made with screens that are so delicate that even a drop from a nominal height can cause damage, which will require you to fix the screen or get a full screen replacement. If you drop your phone regularly and often have to get your screen repaired, then you should consider some ways to protect your screen and prevent it from cracking. Below, we give you some tips on how you can prevent your phone screen from shattering.

1. Get a Bumper Case

One of the best ways to protect your phone from cracking is to get a bumper case. With advancements in technology, many companies have developed strong and reliable bumper cases for a number of phone models from major phone manufacturers.

There are two ways in which a bumper case reduces the damage of a fall. A light bumper will protect your phone from minor scratches but will not provide full protection from a higher fall. Heavier cases, while not as good looking as the lighter counterparts, offer great protection. They add some weight to your phone and absorb most of the damage when you drop your phone from high heights. Bumper cases are available in a number of mobile phone accessory shops, repair shops, and online retailers like Amazon.

2. Get a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Another way to protect your phone from scratches is to get a tempered glass screen protector or plastic screen protectors. Plastic screen protectors do not offer the same level of protection, and only protect your phone screen from minor scratches. Glass screen protectors will absorb the shock of any drop from high and low distances and minimize any damage that may occur.

3. Pop Socket

Pop sockets have recently become a popular tool to make holding your phone more secure. They reduce the likelihood of you dropping your phone when texting or taking a photograph. Pop sockets are circle tools that you can attach to the back of your phone. They instantly provide you with a better grip when holding your phone. We recommend pop sockets as a preventative measure, because with better grip the chances of your dropping your phone are significantly reduced. 

Phone screens are getting bigger and much more sensitive, which is why it is important that you do all that you protect them from cracking. If you have a cracked phone screen, come into Tech Genius. With a team of highly qualified technicians, we can guarantee you will be satisfied with our services and repairs

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