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How To Protect iPhone During Freezing Cold Temperatures

Our iPhones may be extremely advanced and function quite well in varying temperatures, however, they are not completely impervious to the bitter cold. The holidays are the perfect time to capture photographs of friends and family and film your winter activities. Unfortunately, as much fun as you may be having in the snow; your iPhone hates it! When temperatures dip, the smartphone can begin to glitch, may not detect your face or finger ID or the battery may die much quicker.
Keep your new or old iPhone working effectively all winter long with our essential tips.

  1. Give It A Warm Layer Of Protection
    Your iPhone should always be protected to ensure the safety of the screen and other working features. Just as we bundle up with clothing layers before bracing the cold, our smart phone’s deserve that additional layer of protection with a case. Try to keep your phone out of the bitter cold and away from the wind. Waterproof cases are a great choice to ensure your entire device is sealed and completely protected from blowing wind, water and wet snow. Invest in a durable, waterproof or life proof case to protect your screen and other smartphone features.
  2. Protect The Battery
    Similar to how a car battery dies or becomes less effective, an iPhone’s smartphone battery experiences the same ordeal. Battery drain can occur more often in chilly temperatures because of the Lithium-ion battery in iPhone devices. These batteries may be able to charge quickly, however, the battery capacity depletes at a rapid rate when exposed to the cold. The iPhone battery is often calibrated based on warmer temperatures. iPhone’s may display a “low-temperature warning” on the screen or shut down on its own. If this occurs, move your phone away from the cold and do not plug it into the charger until it’s restored to normal temperature. If you plug it into a charger, physical damage to the inside of the phone may occur or to the screen.
  3. Do Not Leave Your iPhone In The Car
    You wouldn’t leave your wallet or keys in the car, so don’t forget your phone inside it either! Leaving an iPhone in a cold car while you’re at work or away for a few hours could cause more damage to it than you anticipated. The device should be kept in your pocket or stored in a location with a temperature between -20 degrees Celcius to 45 degrees Celcius. The temperature in parked vehicles often exceeds this range or
    materials in the device can freeze and become damaged.
    If you need to winterproof your iPhone in preparation for the cold, it may be time to take it into an iPhone service centre. Tech Genius is your mobile repair, iPhone unlocking and iPhone screen repair service in Burlington. Whether you want to bring your device in or have it picked up, restored and delivered at your door, contact us at https://techgenius.ca/contact-us/!
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