What To Do When Your iPhone 8 Back Glass Breaks

The iPhone 8 glass back screen made it one of the most unique and stylish features of an Apple device in many years. As sleek and stunning as the glass is on the eyes, it’s not the most practical addition to the iPhone 8. Even if the crack on the iPhone 8 back is minuscule at first, it can grow increasingly larger each day. This not only makes it less pleasantly appealing but dangerous as well. Those chips and cracks in the grass can get glass underneath your fingertips and make it exceedingly difficult to text, call and virtually do anything on your device!

Fortunately, iPhone back glass repair services can ensure your device is repaired or replaced in the most efficient and professional manner. Read on to discover how this works.

Repair or Replace?

When the back glass breaks on your device, you may believe there’s a DIY method to restore it yourself. However, DIY repairs can cause even more harm to both your device and yourself, so it should be avoided. DIY repairs can lead to a myriad of future internal iPhone 8 complications, such as random screen freezing. Although the iPhone 8 back glass is supposed to be the “most durable glass ever in a smartphone,” many iPhone 8 owners have experienced a cracked or chipped back glass. Between the iPhone 8 glass back is a metal sheet with a centre hole for the charging coil. This sheet is essentially glued to the glass, which can make repairs a tad more complicated than an entire glass back replacement.

Although the glass is scratch-resistant and can prevent scratches from coins, knives and keys, it is not resistant to a significant drop or smashes on the ground. Fortunately, Tech Genius iPhone back glass repair services in Burlington are affordable, meticulous and efficient to ensure your back glass is repaired or replaced properly and in no time.

How To Protect Your iPhone 8’s Back Glass

With any smartphone device, it always helps to purchase a protective case or cover. The most effective way to protect the precious iPhone 8’s glass back is with a durable case. The added bulk protects it in the event of a drop and you can find various cases to suit your style. A thick and durable case along with a screen protector can give you peace of mind and keep your device in top condition. Protecting your iPhone 8’s back glass during both cold and hot temperatures is also important. Ensure you have a full charge before going outside with the device and never charge it while it is cold. Although overheating alone does not crack the glass, it can certainly make your iPhone far more vulnerable to cracking. Avoid leaving your device in the car for long periods of time, especially on or near the dashboard in direct sunlight. iPhone devices can experience thermal cracking or fracturing, which occurs when you transfer the device from the hot location into a very cold location quickly.

Tech Genius highly trained technicians ensure affordable, efficient and effective iPhone screen repair and iPhone back glass repair in Burlington. Contact us for service at https://techgenius.ca/contact-us/.

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