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What To Know Before Taking Your Phone Into A Repair Shop

Whether it’s a minor crack on the screen, a failing battery, or complete water damage; any type of damage to your beloved cell phone can instantly make you distressed. You know you’ll likely have to take the device in for cell phone repair, however, you may be hesitant and have several questions. From how much it will cost for the repair to asking yourself whether the mobile repair shop will even be able to restore the device, it’s important to have these important inquiries answered prior to your visit.

Fortunately, Tech Genius has compiled a list of answers to the questions you have and a few things you’ll need to know before bringing your device into a phone repair shop.

How Much Will Repairs Cost?

The cost will vary and often reflect on how laborious the repair process is. There are several factors to consider, for example, the mobile device itself plays a significant role in the overall repair price. The model of the device and how old it is is also considered. Older cell phone models are often less expensive to restore than newer phones. For a general repair/replacement, which includes screen replacement, battery replacement and even repairs down to the phone’s buttons, the price may be under $200. If there are additional issues within the internal configurations of the phone, the price may rise.

What About Repairs For A Cracked Screen?

Most phone owners have experienced the dreaded cracked screen. Whether it’s aesthetically displeasing or the crack has begun to affect the device internally, it’s in your best interest to have the screen replaced. Attempting a DIY screen repair can cause further problems and cost you more in the end. Take your mobile device to a phone repair shop in Burlington you trust. Tech Genius phone repair technicians specialize in cracked or broken screen repair for all cell phone brands, including Apple and Samsung. Taking your expensive investment into a non-certified, unprofessional mobile repair store is usually a big mistake. From low-quality parts to inexperienced technicians, your device is not receiving the repair qualities it deserves.

Can A Water Damaged Phone Be Repaired?

Not many cell phone repair shops in Burlington offer water damage repair solutions. Fortunately, Tech Genius does. We understand how easily a phone can become damaged from even the smallest quantity of water, which is why we offer water repair services. The extent of damage caused by water or liquids can vary, which is why our technicians usually run a free diagnostic check to examine damage prior to moving forward with repairs.

Our highly certified, knowledgeable and efficient electronic repair technicians always ensure a safe, fast and effective repair process. Whether your phone battery has malfunctioned, the screen is cracked, or water is damaging the internals, our trusted personnel will find a solution to restore your device. Tech Genius even offers pick-up and delivery services for the most convenient phone repair in Burlington! Contact us for service today!

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