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Why are MacBooks Hard to Repair?

A MacBook is an incredible tool that many of us have, although when damage occurs, they are often hard to repair. Dropping it or spilling liquid on a MacBook is problematic for many reasons,  and there are a few reasons why this happens to be the case, including the small, proprietary screws. These particular screws that are used by Apple make it extremely hard for other technicians to get into the device unless they have the right skills and experience to work with a MacBook specifically. The type of adhesives Apple uses is another issue because they use a particular kind to hold the components of a MacBook together in addition to nuts and bolts, making entry into the device very challenging. Special tools and specific equipment are required to get past the adhesive, without which repairs will not be possible.

Soldered components are another issue technicians face because Apple solders the battery to the logic board of the MacBook, making the repair process extremely hard. Micro soldering is a specific skill set that is required to tackle MacBook issues and if a technician does not have the experience or knowledge pertaining to this aspect, they will not be able to repair a MacBook successfully.

It should not come as a surprise that Apple has gone through great lengths to make the repair process difficult because they want to ensure that their user’s visit Apple stores for any of their concerns, instead of other repair shops. Making repairs challenging to deal with will force a lot of people to purchase a new device or encourage them to set foot in an Apple store to look at more products. If a MacBook was simple to repair, Apple would have fewer customers and clients would go on using the same model for years without paying attention to newer products. Getting them to consider a newer model is a great way of selling more products and increasing their profits.

If you own a MacBook and need help with repairs, do not feel forced to go to one store specifically because Tech Genius in Burlington can help. Their technicians have the right skills, knowledge and experience to deal with any and all Apple devices and specialize in MacBook repairs, so whether you need help with your computer or another tech gadget, visit them today and they’ll easily help you resolve your problem!

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