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Why is Your iPhone Not be Charging?

The last thing you need is to reach your workplace and find your iPhone uncharged despite plugging it in overnight. It helps to know what could be wrong so you know what to do at such times. It is also a wise idea to back up your iPhone data on your iCloud or computer before you start inspecting and fixing the problems. There could primarily be four things wrong:

Damaged USB Charger Or Power Adapter

If the lighting cable was yanked out at any point, was overstrained or the wires were affected from exposure, the power adaptor can stop working. In such cases, never attempt to attach it back with duct tape. That is dangerous! Just take the adapter to a certified technician to get it assessed and replaced with a new one if required. Make sure the components – the charging cable, wall outlet and USB wall adapter – are all plugged in properly before charging again.

Faulty Charging Port

This is one of the most common reasons. Your iPhone may not be plugged in firmly into the outlet socket. The plug needs to be snugly in place to charge properly. A loose outlet will prevent the phone from charging consistently, or at all. The contact points can wear out with use or heat from faulty wires can damage them. Sometimes, dust, lint or debris can clog the charging port, so it stops charging. It’s best to get a technician to replace it with a new one before charging your iPhone again or just try a different outlet.

Charging Components are not Apple Certified

Cheap, uncertified iPhone components, such as the charging wire bought from your local drugstore, can lead to more damage than good. An Apple certified lightning cable or charger comes with a label that reads “Made for iPhone.” Unauthorized chargers don’t have the chip that controls the current delivered to the battery, so it can easily overheat while charging, wearing out your iPhone battery, making it unusable. Cheap, uncertified chargers are also made of low-grade components that damage the connector. The connector can turn brittle and break off or get stuck within the phone. At worst, an uncertified charging cable can even catch fire from overheating. From 2013, Apple iPhones feature advanced chips that caution you to plug in uncertified cables with a warning “This Cable or Accessory Is Not Certified.” New iPhones simply stop charging if the plugged in cable is unauthentic.

Faulty iPhone Software

Few users know that when the iPhone is plugged in for charging, it’s not hooked up directly to the battery but the software makes the decision to charge the battery or not. If your iPhone doesn’t charge, the software may have crashed when the screen was off so you can’t turn it on, whether the phone is charging or not. In that case, first backup all data, then try to reboot. If it still doesn’t work, get your iPhone repaired by a certified expert.

Tech Genius: Your Local iPhone Repair Outlet in Burlington

If your iPhone is not charging, bring it to Tech Genius for our certified technicians to take a look. We are a one-stop-shop for all matters related to software, hardware and their repairs. We use only high-quality spare parts and industry-leading processes, consistently providing the best cell phone repair services at affordable costs in Burlington, Ontario.

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