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Why the iPhone X Should be Handled with Extra Care

The high-end iPhone X is a gorgeous model, sleek in its body, highly intelligent within. The big 5.8 inch OLED screen is a treat for the eyes. It has a rear-facing telephoto camera that helps you snap impressive pictures at interesting angles. With a Face ID and many other sophisticated features, this advanced smartphone takes technology to another level.

But as they say, with great power, comes great responsibility. The iPhone X is also more delicate than other phones from the same company. Drop it from six feet face-down and the glass has been seen to shatter, leaving many of the device’s features unresponsive. Tests show that a side drop can similarly leave the screen unresponsive. If it hits the floor back side down, the glass panel can completely shatter. Even a three-foot drop can crack the fragile glass.

What’s more worrying is that iPhone repair is extremely expensive at Apple stores, and far from easy. The phone itself costs $1,000 but repair can cost between $500 to $630 at regular stores. Apple charges as much as $279 just for the iPhone X screen repair. It helps to be aware of a few ways to take better care for your precious possession. Check out these tips:

Protective Case
Yes, the iPhone X looks too good to hide it in a protective case but if you have to make your investment last long, we advise you to tuck it in a durable case. Try to find a case that protects from dust and is water-resistant for the best protection.

Insurance Protection
Most iPhone insurance policies cost more than you’d like. AppleCare charges $199 for a two year protection that includes two repairs from accidental damage. But screen repair has added costs. Shop for the best insurance plan to protect your iPhone X. It will be well worth it. It’s better to spend a few extra dollars to protect your investment than to have $1,000 go down the drain at the slightest drop.

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