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Why Your iPhone Battery Dies in Cold Weather?

You may think that your iPhone is protected against the harshest of winters but that is not true. Cold weather often leads to poor battery performance. It is not unlikely for your iPhone to suddenly die despite having 20% of battery life left in low-temperature areas. So why does your iPhone’s battery die in cold weather?

All iPhones are created with a lithium battery like many other rechargeable devices. While they are chosen for their ability to charge quickly and don’t need to be completely died before recharging, they do not perform well when temperatures drop. Lithium batteries slow down when exposed to cold temperatures, decreasing the circulation of electricity, causing your iPhone to suddenly shut down. In some cases, the shutdowns are unexpected, and that is because they were designed like that to protect your device’s electronic wirings from low voltage.

What To Do When Your iPhone Battery Dies?

The great news about this situation is that it is only temporary. Your iPhone will return to normal working conditions when moved into a warmer temperature room or area. In the event that your iPhone dies, do not restart it until you’re inside and wait a while to give your phone time to warm up. Restarting your phone immediately could permanently damage the battery life.

It’s not only the battery that is vulnerable to damage but other delicate parts like LCD screens can be damaged by extreme temperatures. Cold temperatures can cause your iPhone’s screen to crack or break, especially if it already had a nick already.

How to Protect your Phone

Don’t Leave them Out For Long

Don’t leave your phone in cold places like a parked car during the winter. In the instance that you need to leave them behind, it is recommended that you turn it off instead of putting it to sleep.

Keep It In Your Pocket

Your body heat will keep your device warm, which will keep it from suddenly dying.

Buy A Case Made For Cold Weather

There are many iPhone cases on the market, but if you are living in an area where it gets very cold, you might want to consider investing in a case that features thermal protection. These specialized cases will not only protect your phone from harsh climates, but they will also protect them from moisture damage if you drop it in the snow.

If you are experiencing malfunctions with your iPhone, come see us at Tech Genius. We will help you identify the problem and find the best way to remedy it. With our qualified technicians, you know that your iPhone will be in great hands.

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