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Awful Things You Don’t Realize Until Your Phone Breaks

When your phone breaks, it is a sad story of tragedy, loss and pain that no one should have to go through. There are, however, things that you only realize until after your phone breaks.

It is Above You Now

Whether your touchscreen refuses to respond, or your phone just refuses to turn on, first realizing that it is now out of your hands is the hardest part of having a broken phone. It may start with a faulty battery, but then problem two quickly arises, and it seems like you fix one problem only to be met with another. You might even try to Youtube, DIY solutions, but unsurprisingly none of them work for you. Accepting the situation is always the (hardest) first step.

You’ll Realize How Much You Are Addicted to Your Phone

When your phone is functioning properly you don’t realize how much you actually use it. You may listen to podcasts on your daily commute, or use it as your health tracker to monitor how much physical activity you get. The point is that your phone is always on you, and it can be a challenge not having access to a (working) one.

You Suddenly Become Aware of The Things You Hate Doing

Whether it is your friend running late, or you’re planning on doing one hour of cardio. Your phone serves as a point of entertainment when you have time to kill or would like to keep yourself entertained as you do tasks you’re not that fond of. On your phone you have the internet at your fingertips, you can catch up on the news, or finish the final episode of your favourite show that you’ve been putting off for weeks. Without it, you have to push through those tasks without that added entertainment which can be tedious and unmotivating.

Your Start Noticing the World Around You

There is a bright side to having a broken phone, you suddenly have all this extra time, to do with as you wish. No one realizes how much time they spend on their phone until they no longer have it. You may be scrolling on social media or binge-watching Youtube videos, several hours a day, and not realize that that time could be better utilized. That new hobby you wanted to take up in the New Year that you forgot about, can finally get the attention it deserves.

You Can Survive Without a Phone (But Your Probably Won’t Want To)

After a few days without a phone, you’ll realize how easy it is to be without one. You’ll start to find new things to do that you enjoy more than being on your phone. However, you can’t deny the convenience that having phone offers. If you are dealing with a broken or malfunctioning phone, visit us at Tech Genius. We have qualified technicians with the expertise and experience to help you get your phone back up and running.

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