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Four Signs Your Laptop Battery Is In Need Of Replacement

A faulty laptop battery is extremely frustrating, and certainly the last thing you need when you’re in the middle of a work project or simply streaming your favourite film. Unfortunately for laptop owners, these convenient technological devices don’t last forever. Often, the first component to fail on a laptop is the battery itself. It’s helpful to be prepared for the inevitable battery failure by being conscious of the warning signs.

For laptop owners everywhere, Tech Genius has put together of the four signs that indicate it’s time for battery replacement laptop repair:

1. Laptop Does Not Hold A Proper Charge

Most laptops are able to run for about six hours off a single, full battery charge. If your laptop is shutting down significantly sooner than that, that may be indicative of a problem. You may find yourself setting your laptop to charge all day while you’re out, only to find it has an hour of battery life. The solution is not to leave the laptop all day and hope for optimal charging; as your computer device requires an entirely new battery.

2. Laptop Is Overheating

If you find your computer overheating excessively during the most simple of tasks; it may be a sign of a dying battery. A dying battery will consume more power to allow your laptop to function, which may result in the device becoming a hazardous fire risk. Laptops are designed to cool off when they’re actively used and eliminate excess heat.

3. Warning Indicator

Similar to most smartphone devices, many laptops have a warning feature installed in the device to indicate when the laptop’s battery capacity is reaching a critical low. For Windows PCs, a red X appears on the battery icon in the display system tray that informs you to “consider replacing your battery.” For Mac laptops, the battery-gauge menu will alert you of the battery reaching capacity stating “service battery.”

4. Laptop Has Had Over 300-400 Charge Cycles

Exceeding the standard amount of charge cycles for a laptop can mean that the laptop has consumed all of the electricity it had available. Most laptops today use Lithium-Ion batteries, which lose capacity after reaching the cycle limit and are unable to hold a battery charge.

Most people are not keeping consistent track of their charge cycles; but fortunately, Windows and Mac have provided a feature to allow users to check their battery cycle amount. It informs the laptop user of the total number of times their laptop battery has died, been close to dying or charged fully. The lower the overall number, the healthier and longer lasting your computer battery.

For efficient and prompt laptop repair in Burlington, Tech Genius has you covered. Our team of professionals guarantee high-quality repairs for your laptop issues, including battery replacement. Tech Genius will have your laptop working optimally again in no time. Get in touch with us online today to learn more about our services, or stop by our store!

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