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Reasons to Sell Your Used Smartphone

More than half of us have a smartphone sitting in a drawer, while almost half of us admit to throwing one away. If you have an old smartphone that is forgotten in a drawer or laying in a glove compartment collecting dust, why not put it to good use by making extra money from it?
Some places can buy your old phones and even give you the best possible rate for it – even if it is a bit broken or bruised. Don’t keep untapped money inside your drawer only to lose value when you can get fast cash just by giving it to a tech company that could use it for parts. These are the top reasons to sell your old smartphones.

The Latest Model

If you are looking to upgrade your current smartphone to the next model, don’t just throw your old phone away. After all, you probably spent quite a bit on it when you first got it. Instead, get some cash or credit by selling it to a retailer who can clean it up professionally and put it into the hands of someone who will use it. Trading your phone makes sense and dollars when you can recover some of the cost of your old phone and put it towards the price of a new one.

It’s Doing Nothing

Since there are now more mobile devices than people in the world, chances are you have a smartphone sitting around that you no longer use. You can quickly sell it to make extra money since holding on to it will not benefit you if you are not using it. Getting cash for de-cluttering is the best reward and, of course, you will also end up with more storage space for things that you do use like cases, chargers and headsets.

It’s Broken

To be clear, you should not sell your broken phone to someone who is expecting it to work. You can sell it to a mobile repair shop. Some will buy your broken phone, and either use its parts or fix it, update it, test it thoroughly so that it can be put back on the market for someone else. You will get money for your faulty device instead of gaining nothing from it if you just leave it in a closet at home or throw it away.

Help the Environment

Throwing your phone out into the trash is terrible for the environment because it adds to toxic e-waste. If your phone is broken or outdated, you might still be able to sell it to a mobile store, who can use its parts. Even just making sure you recycle it properly helps reduce waste as smartphones contain precious metals in them. Businesses outside of the mobile industry can benefit from old phones. Upcycling your phone keeps chemicals out of landfills and can put a refurbished phone in the hands of someone who wants it.

Fast Cash

Selling your current phone can help you get money for next purchase with minimal effort. If it is new enough, your phone could give you enough of a return to cover costs for an even better one.

Keep in mind that the longer you wait, the less value your phone will have. As soon as you decide to give up your old smartphone, bring it to Tech Genius. Our experts know phones of all makes and models and will give you the best price for your old device. We can also repair your phone or iPad if you are not ready to part with it just yet. Call us to find out more or stop by our store.

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