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Four Reasons Bluetooth Isn’t Working On Your iPhone

Whether you’re using it to make calls, listen to music or your favourite podcast; having your Bluetooth work optimally is essential. Unfortunately, Bluetooth is not infallible and you may find your iPhone is having issues connecting to it completely. Most newer iPhone models no longer have the headphone jack and, therefore, many iPhone users rely on Bluetooth headphones to communicate or listen on their device.

If your Bluetooth isn’t working or your iPhone is unable to connect, check out Tech Genius’s solutions to restore it below.

  1. Update Your iOS Software
    Many of us either forget or neglect to update our iPhones whenever a new iOS update appears. You may not believe the update is necessary, however, keeping your software updated ensures a smooth running iPhone in all aspects. To update your iOS software, head down to the Settings app, select General and look for a software update. If there is a software update available, proceed to update your device then check to see if the Bluetooth connection is restored.
  2. Toggle Bluetooth Icon
    The simple solution is sometimes all that’s required. To see if your Bluetooth connection can be restored with a restart, proceed with the following:
    ● Go into the Settings app and select Bluetooth
    ● Disable the toggle beside your Bluetooth to off
    ● Turn off your iPhone and restart it, then go back into the Bluetooth option and toggle it on to see if the connection is working
  3. Disconnect From Certain Bluetooth Devices
    A certain Bluetooth device that you have connected to my be what’s causing a bad Bluetooth connection. To determine if this is the cause, proceed as follows:
    ● Go into the Settings app and select Bluetooth
    ● Under Bluetooth, locate the specific device that your iPhone is connected to and select it
    ● Once selected, disconnect from the device and turn it back on to see if the connection is now effective
  4. Reset The Network Settings
    If the Bluetooth connection has continued to fail and you’ve exhausted all of your previous options, you may have to reset your iPhone’s network settings. Before doing so, ensure you back-up all of your information onto the cloud and have your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth device password connections saved. Proceed with:
    ● Go to Settings, then select General and locate Reset at the bottom of the page
    ● Select Reset then click Reset Network Settings and enter in your iPhone password
    ● Your iPhone will proceed to shut off then restart and when it’s on again, you can check the Bluetooth connection

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