Four Reasons You Should Not Use Your iPhone If The Screen Is Cracked

Let’s face it, many of us take that risk and leave our iPhones bare or only use an iPhone cover for aesthetic purposes instead of protection. By doing so, the screen of your mobile device is vulnerable to becoming cracked, chipped or completely shattered. Your mobile device may still be functional or the damage from the cracks may be minor, however, if the crack is ignored, bigger, more expensive repair costs will most likely await.

If your iPhone screen is currently cracked, it’s important to avoid using the device and have it repaired by Tech Genius immediately. To learn about why you need prompt repairs, read on for our list of the four ways a cracked screen can be damaging.

1. Touch ID/Touch Screen Failure

IPhone’s with cracked screens will not restore themselves over time and in fact, the aesthetic damage can lead to internal software damage. One of the first components of the device to become compromised and potentially malfunction is the touch ID and touch screen. The touch or face ID may not recognize you, take longer to respond or be unable to recognize your fingerprint and finger gestures.

2. Causes Eye Strain

Using your iPhone in the dark or in the evening can already cause eye strain. Add using the device in a dark setting with a cracked screen and the eye strain will become even more prominent. Your eyes will be forced to decipher through the chips, cracks and broken glass trying to read a message, browse through social media or follow the GPS directions. This poses a potential threat to your safety and health, especially your eye health.

3. Splinters In Your Fingers

Those cracks in your glass screen are not only visually unappealing but will eventually cause tiny cuts and splinters in your fingertips. You may not be able to detect the small pieces of glass in your fingers, which makes them far more difficult to remove and may stay lodged into your skin. The cuts can become deeper with increased, consistent swiping, which is why you should avoid using the device until the screen is repaired.

4. Exposure To Radiation

According to the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the radiofrequency in cell phones may cause cancer to humans. Although further research is required to understand the harmful extent, it’s important to understand that if an optimal cell phone is carcinogenic, then an exposed device can pose an even greater health risk. Tech Genius has a team of certified, professional iPhone service centre technicians who specialize in efficient and effective cell phone and other electronic repairs. We offer to pick up and deliver repair to ensure your device is restored and delivered right back to your home. Our affordable iPhone screen repair service will either replace or repair your screen to ensure your device is safe to use. Learn more about the many repair services we offer at https://techgenius.ca/cell-phone-repair/

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