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How To Protect Your iPhone From A Data Breach

No one is immune to having their cybersecurity breached, even multi-billion dollar companies! However, it is extremely important to take preventative measures to protect your privacy in this digital age. Apple’s iOS program is quite effective in safeguarding our personal data, especially when all safety measures an iPhone has to offer are activated. Protecting your text messages, images and photos, passwords and addresses can reduce the likelihood of a thief or cyberspy accessing and stealing your information.

To keep your iPhone secure and you stress-free, Tech Genius has comprised a list of ways to protect your device from hackers. Here’s our guide on essential tips to maintain iPhone security.

Use A Custom Numeric Passcode Over The Standard Four Digit

A passcode that uses more digits will take much more effort and time to hack into. The hacking program GrayKey is used to breach iPhones by cracking their passwords. A four-digit password is immensely easy to break into and can be broken into in a few hours. A six-digit passcode can be hacked into in only a few days too, whereas, an eight to ten-digit passcode can take hackers months, if not years, to breach. iPhone’s allow you to create a custom numeric passcode or a custom alphanumeric code that allows you to use both numbers and letters to form a more secure password.

Enable Auto-Wipe On

“Erase Data” is an effective tool for users to enable when they’re worried about a passcode breach. Under the Touch ID & Passcode section, you can locate Erase Data, and when it is enabled, your data will be erased from the iPhone after 10 failed password attempts. This to protect your personal information, however, prior to enabling this tab, ensure you back-up all of your data to the iCloud so you still have access to your information. When the data is wiped, all of the content on the phone is completely erased, which makes the phone useless to a hacker.

Don’t Open Unknown Links

Although this is self-explanatory, it may often slip one’s mind not to click the unknown link from either a sender you are unfamiliar with via text or email. However, it’s important to avoid clicking these links, because this could be a hacker and now you’ve allowed them access into your email or texts. If you do not trust the look of the email or text message, do not click it. If the link is coming from an account or sender you trust, but you are still unsure of its validity, contact the sender to ensure it is from them and not a random source before clicking.

Stay on top of your iPhone’s security to ensure your privacy! Our experts at Tech Genius can repair and restore your iPhone device with quick turnaround time and affordable rates. Our phone repair shop in Burlington guarantees trustworthy, efficient and high-quality repairs to have your iPhone working optimally. Contact us or bring your phone into one of our locations today!

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