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iPhone Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi? Try These Five Tips

One of the best parts about owning a cellphone is taking it off data and connecting to free Wi-Fi. That’s why when your iPhone starts having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi and consumes your last GB of data, it may have you feeling stressed. Complaints regarding Wi-Fi can range from having no connection whatsoever to their network having an unstable connection. If you have or are experiencing Wi-Fi issues, Tech Genius is here to help.

Before you replace your router or bring your iPhone into us, check out the five potential causes for Wi-Fi failure and how to fix them:

Turn Bluetooth Off

Bluetooth can interfere with your Wi-Fi connection because they are both using the same frequency to function. Although that occurrence should be relatively rare, it can still be the cause of Wi-Fi connection failure. To turn it off, go to your Settings then to Bluetooth and power it off.

Give Airplane Mode A Try

Many of us forget about the handy Airplane Mode option on iPhone devices. Sometimes it can accidentally be turned on, which is why your iPhone cannot connect to the Wi-Fi or send messages. Locate Airplane Mode under your Settings and if you find that it’s powered on, turn it off. You can also try using this mode to fix the problem by turning Airplane mode on, waiting for 30 seconds then shutting it off. Then, try connecting to the Wi-Fi again.

Forget It And Try Again

iPhone has the handy option to forget the Wi-Fi network and try connecting again when the connection is slow or not working at all. To try this, follow these steps:

  • Go under Settings and find Wi-Fi.
  • After selecting Wi-Fi, tap the info icon which is an (i) located beside the Wi-Fi network icon and name.
  • Select it and you will find Forget My Network, confirm the action.
  • Try going back to Wi-Fi and selecting the network again to see if it connects.

Update Your iOS

If your iPhone has not recently been updated with the newest iOS software, that may be the reason for your Wi-Fi connection issues. Your old system may have software bugs that an update can fix. To install the latest available iOS software, do the following:

  • Go to Settings then select General. There may be a small grey icon beside the General option that says (1). That indicates that an update is available.
  • Select General, then click Software Update.
  • Choose Install Now and allow for the update to commence.

Restart Your iPhone

Sometimes all it takes to have your Wi-Fi work effectively is restarting the device. This can help solve several problems, including Wi-Fi. To turn off your iPhone:

  • Press and hold the sleep/wake button until you see “Slide to power off.”
  • Select it then allow your device to shut down.
  • Turn it back on and check the Wi-Fi connection.

If all else fails, Tech Genius is the iPhone service centre to restore your device. Drop it off to us, and in a few hours, your device will be returned to you working effectively.

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