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Is iOS 12 Draining your iPhone Battery Life? Here are a Few Ways to Fix it

The iPhone battery should last up to 10 to 11 hours with regular use but if you find the battery draining fast, it’s time to look into the reasons behind it and fix it before it leaves you in a fix.

There are usually a few common reasons behind the rapid battery draining; either the battery is depreciating or something is causing the power to drain. It could be from bugs during software installation, rogue apps that aren’t up-to-date or keep running, especially during iOS installations which causes the processor to keep working overtime. This leads to power consumption or misconfigured settings. Some of these apps are location services, notifications, display or wireless services, etc. Whatever the reason behind it, a few measures can save power and the day, no matter which iPhone model you have.

How to Save Your iPhone or iPad Battery

A few specific changes in your settings can help when you have iOS 12.

  • Tap battery in the settings tab; tap battery health.
  • Tap on each suggestion until you arrive at the setting that needs to be tweaked.

If there is no battery life suggestion, reduce your iPhone’s brightness to reduce power consumption manually. Fully bright screens can drain your battery power.

  • Drag down the brightness slider at the bottom until you reach a comfortable level.
  • Auto-brightness can be adjusted too through the settings tab.

Each time you install a new iOS update, you need to update your apps on your iPhone or they will drain the battery.

  • Tap the account icon on your App Store and update all apps.
  • Tap done when the updates are complete.

Each widget takes up power. If your iPhone battery is dying rapidly, consider deleting a few lesser used widgets.

  • Tap the red circle next to the widget.
  • Tap the remove button, then tap done.

Try restarting your phone whenever it acts up. It may not fix the battery drain issue but may boost it a bit. Hold down the power button on the side, drag the slider to power off. Wait a minute or two. Hold down the power button on the side again until the Apple logo appears, then release. Give it some time to reload.

Turn off background app refresh that lets your apps check new content and updates, even when they are not being used.

  • Tap general in the settings app.
  • Select background app refresh and select off.

Several apps you download may attempt to track your location, draining your battery life. Some like the Navigation or Uber app may be required. You don’t need your location to be tracked for most other apps.

  • Tap privacy in your settings.
  • Tap location services.
  • Turn off location tracking for apps that don’t need your location and select never.

Make sure your iPhone is always facing down. If the display screen keeps lighting up during notification alerts, it could drain your battery. Notifications in iOS12 are in the rich format, allowing you to see images, conversations and emails from the lock screen if it’s set that way. Avoid turning on your phone to check messages at every alert to preserve your battery life. The more it lights up, the more power it will use and drain the battery. Keep it on lower power mode. You can ask Siri to do it for you or manually do so from the settings app and turn on low power mode.

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