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The iPhone X’s Back Glass Is Fragile and expensive to repair

The iPhone X is the latest model to hit the market from Apple, and it lives up to the company’s reputation for creating beautifully designed products. It’s encased in glass, making it look striking but also quite delicate. Many drop tests of it have proven that Apple’s best smartphone is also its most fragile.

Back Glass Repairs
Because the back glass on an iPhone is connected to its housing with tiny welds and glue, it is challenging to simply remove it and replace it – but, not impossible. While Apple would prefer people to send in their cracked iPhones into one of their officially licensed dealers to handle the repair, experienced tech shops can manage it. Since the back glass is held between the camera bump housing and the phone’s body, it makes it too difficult for a casual repair. You would have to take off the camera bump to replace or remove the back glass. The whole process is quite tedious and time-consuming for a consumer to do on their own.

Apple tries to lobby aggressively against right to repair laws and make it difficult for consumers to turn elsewhere for repairs. But, don’t let that persuade you into an overpriced repair. A shop that is not affiliated with Apple will always be able to do the repair for less, but it is essential to pick one that will also do it properly. The last thing you want is to spend any amount of money on a repair only to need another one.

Front Glass Repairs
Repairing the front glass is as simple as repairing any other iPhone screen, but its new OLED display is so high-tech that it makes repairing it that much more complicated. It’s a repair, like the back glass, that should only be attempted by expert technicians. If you hand over your iPhone X to just anyone to repair its glass encasing, you will likely find yourself with more issues than you started out with. Be sure to do your research and only trust experienced technicians with such complex and technical repairs.

Having a case on your iPhone X would drastically decrease the chances of its glass cracking, but then you would have to hide its most attractive feature. If you do find yourself with a cracked screen, contact Tech Genius. Our experienced technicians can fix it for far less than the big brands can.

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