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Three Ways To Make Use Of Your Broken iPhone

Cracking, losing or breaking an iPhone happens. When it does, don’t stress! iPhone’s are extremely durable electronic devices, however, they’re not infallible! As iPhone repairs have improved and advanced, more and more iPhones are getting restored and ready for use after damage. Unfortunately, sometimes a broken iPhone is a sign it’s time to replace it completely and upgrade.

Unsure of what steps to take? Check out this article to discover some of the best things to do with your broken iPhone.

1. Bring It To A Repair Shop

Some iPhone owners choose to throw the entire device away when it begins to glitch, crack or malfunction. However, this is not always the most financially practical decision to make. If your iPhone is glitching or has shut off from a cracked screen, water damage or faulty battery, it’s highly likely the device can be restored and ready to use after swift repairs. Not all iPhone repair stores restore water damage or failing batteries, but Tech Genius does. Our iPhone service centre in Burlington specializes in iPhone screen repair, hardware repair, software upgrade, data recovery and water damage repair. With our affordable, express 30-minute service, your device will be restored and ready for you quicker than it takes to sort out a brand new iPhone purchase.

2. Sell It For Parts

If you’re done with your smashed, chipped, water-damaged iPhone and ready for a new device, you can try selling your iPhone for parts. Many people are interested in purchasing a broken iPhone online for parts. Whether they use the whole iPhone or only specific components of it that may be working, the buyer can use it to restore another device. However, before you go through with selling your iPhone, ensure you’ve erased and backed-up all of your information elsewhere to keep it stored and private from the new buyer. If you want to wipe the hard drive of your device, our technicians at Tech Genius can take care of this for you, too!

3. Recycle It

Recycling your iPhone is an eco-friendly solution to get rid of it. Although this is not the most lucrative alternative, it is certainly an excellent choice and you won’t have to worry about your data information being stolen. Recycling your iPhone is a relatively easy process. You send it to Apple and it becomes disassembled and recycled. You can also choose to recycle the device on your own by finding a trusted recycling facility or asking your service provider to do it for you. Avoid throwing it in the garbage as a form of recycling, as there is a myriad of chemicals within the device that can harm the environment.

Tech Genius iPhone repair services are affordable, efficient and effective to ensure your device is restored and back in your hands in no time. Whether you drop it off at our iPhone service centre or want to take advantage of our pick up and drop off repair services, our technicians ensure only the most reliable repairs. Drop by or contact us at https://techgenius.ca/contact-us/.

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