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What to do if your iPhone 7 gets wet

Just because Apple now makes water-resistant phones does not mean they are 100% waterproof. All that means is now you can get your iPhone 7 a little wet without worry as much as with previous models. That means you can take it with you on fishing trips, whitewater rafting, and rainy-day hikes. All of those activities make for great photo ops, which you can pursue fully with the iPhone 7.

While the iPhone 7 can survive being dropped in water up to 1 metre deep for 30 minutes, you might find yourself in a situation where it still gets water damaged. Here are the steps you should take to save an iPhone 7 if it is exposed to deep water for too long.

How to dry a wet iPhone
Since liquid damage is not covered under warranty, it is essential to know what to do if you happen to drop your iPhone 7 in water.
Step 1
Remove your iPhone from the water, unplug any dongles or other cables, and wipe the water off with a cloth. Apple suggests a soft, lint-free cloth, but it is also supposed to be dust-resistant, so it should be lint resistant as well. That means if you don’t have a lint-free cloth handy, you should be able to use a regular towel safely.
Step 2
Remove water from the Lightning connector by tapping your phone lightly against the palm of your hand with the Lightning connector facing down.
Step 3
Let it air dry. Place the iPhone in a dry spot with some airflow, like near an open window. Better yet, you can put it in front of a fan so that fresh air is blowing directly into the Lightning connector. A standard fan is okay to help the drying process but do not use a can of compressed air or any external heat source. Apple also recommends against using cotton swabs, paper towels or inserting foreign objects into the Lightning connector.
Step 4
Wait five hours before trying to charge it. Apple says to wait at least five hours before plugging anything into the Lightning connector. They also suggest waiting until the phone is completely dry before opening the SIM tray.

Activities to avoid
To ensure you do not end up in this situation to begin with, there are a few things Apple recommends you do not do with your iPhone 7. They suggest not swimming or bathing with your phone or otherwise deliberately submerge it in water. Other activities Apple suggests that you avoid doing with the iPhone 7 are:
● Water skiing
● Surfing
● Wakeboarding
● Jet skiing
● Showering

These activities expose your phone to pressurized water as well as soapy, salty or chlorinated water. Dropping your iPhone 7 into freshwater is one thing; exposing it to salt, detergents and chemicals are another.

If your iPhone 7 stops working because of water damage, and the above steps don’t bring it back to life, bring it to Tech Genius. Our experienced technicians will find a way to get it up and running again. Call us today or stop by our store for a quote.

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