Computer repair

When to Repair Your Computer and When to Replace It

Many of us don’t know when we should repair or replace our computers. Below, we highlight some things that you should look out for that will make the decision easier for you.

When You Should Buy a New Computer

  • If your current computer is five years or older, then you will want to think about planning to shop for a new one. With older machines, even if their problems are fixable, as the years go on you will have to deal with more frequent repairs. Those costs of frequent repairs will outweigh the up-front cost of a new computer. If your computer needs serious repairs like a replacement motherboard can range anywhere between $500-$600, which covers the cost of an entry-level model laptop.
  • If you have an older Apple laptop, finding the proper parts for repair can be tough, and refurbished parts usually come with a short warranty.
  • If you love new technology and love to learn about new platforms, then getting a new computer will give you the thrill that you are looking for.
  • If you have special specifications, you have the option to build a new PC that you can use for exactly what you need it for.

When You Should Repair Your Computer

  • If your current machine is still new and the repair costs are low due to the simplicity of the repair, then repairing your laptop will be the best route for you.
  • Purchasing a new computer means that you will have to learn a new operating system. If this is something that you dread just thinking about, then repairing your current laptop will keep you in your comfort zone.
  • Getting a new computer means that you will have to back-up and transfer all of your files. In addition, you may also have to reload your programs and add your printer to the new system. All of these tasks can be tedious and very time-consuming. If you are not ready to allocate the time and energy to these tasks, then a repair is the way to go.
  • With all the new computers and laptops on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose that will best meet your needs. If you’re not particularly technologically minded, you may end up making a purchase that you might regret.
  • Lastly, if you are happy with your current machine, and have all your shortcuts set-up, then you will want to stick to what you already know.

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